Essential Listening is a collection of reviews and thoughts about music.  While primarily “good” music is observed, the occasional bad album is examined.  Furthermore, Essential Listening is updated on a very random basis.  While a daily post would be optimal, the reality is that such a thing won’t happen.  An effort is put forth to continue updating, even when it seems that nothing new will ever surface..

In keeping with the status of Essential Listening as a blog, other personal reflection will also find a place in some posts.  Essential Listening is written by Zekebud (Matt) and reflects his views on the world.  Those views are probably very biased, but such is the nature of editorial work.

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  1. JK says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and think you can really write. I have a relatively new site, Elitish.com. I’m looking for other writers and when I saw your post about pitchfork I decided to e-mail you. If you’re interested at all and wanna hear the details just hit me back. Thanks for your time.

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