The Best of 2008

2008 has been an excellent year in music with a very diverse range of releases that can satisfy any listener.  I found a particular joy in many albums released this year, and my faith in some “poppy” music has been slightly restored.  So what do I find to be the best music of the year?  Between December 13 and December 31, I’ll be doing a countdown of the best songs, best albums, and worst music of the year.  If you find it a bit overwhelming, I’ve created this page just for you!  After I post each update, I’ll edit this area to include links to the overall results. So keep checking back to see what this year really had to offer!

Bests Albums of 2008:

10. Mountain Battles

09. Narrow Stairs

08. The Slip

07. Accelerate

06. Dear Science

05. Do You Like Rock Music?

04. Visiter

03. Third

02. Vampire Weekend

01. Fleet Foxes

Best Songs of 2008:

10. Jodi

09. Cath

08. Pork and Beans

07. Love Lockdown

06. Dancing Choose

05. The Rip

04. In the New Year

03. Living Well is the Best Revenge

02. Ragged Wood

01. A-Punk

Best Live Show: Radiohead

5 comments on “The Best of 2008

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