New Music: The Invincible by Attaboy

The Invincible Cover Art

I don’t normally get a chance to be so far ahead of the curve, but here I am.  Check out the debut recordings of multi-talented musician Attaboy (known as Evan Bujold to some).  It’s called The Invincible and was just released yesterday.  We’re at the cutting edge!

I’ve only had a chance to listen once but I’m really enjoying it so far.  The Invincible can generally be defined as rock, with punk and alternative touches.  Clever structures and strong lyrics build a very strong outing after even one play-through.  It sounds like there should be rewards with future listens.  Be sure to support this up-and-comer and check out his website and bandcamp pages in the links below.  Hopefully we can see more from Attaboy in the near future.

Attaboy Website
Attaboy Bandcamp with The Invincible streaming

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