Housekeeping: 2009 and Decade Pages

Hey everyone! Thanks again for reading my blog. The next update for the Decade Albums list is upcoming, but I have some housekeeping to attend to:

Check out the new link up top on the blog, labeled “The Best of 2009.” This is a quick link to my lists for the year.  You can then find links to the original articles in that page.  Just like last year’s stuff (The Best of 2008), check it out for an overview of my opinions.

Coming soon will be a link for the Decade Lists. I haven’t had time to put that one together yet, but it will be up top as well, so keep your eyes open for that link and another housekeeping post.

Thanks again for reading, and feel free to comment over all my posts.  It’s exciting to see such traffic lately, and I hope you’re enjoying this blog.  It’s fun to write about music, and I hope you find my reading somewhat interesting.