Web Commentary: Bing vs. Google

Sometimes I feel the need to step away from the music and look at the world around me.  Don’t worry: I’ve got a thing about Animal Collective coming up soon.  But today, the most interesting search engine war that really shouldn’t exist.

For those in the know, Microsoft recently launched a new search engine called “Bing.”  The name is a bit silly, but is easy enough to remember.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Microsoft has tried this sort of entry into the search engine market.  They’ve had MSN for years, and recently tried out their Live Search technology.  Neither of these have made any meaningful impact.  And that’s because of Google.

Omnipresent on the web, Google continues to be a powerhouse, offering many great free services that actually counter Microsoft’s own operating system features.

So I find it strange to tell you that Microsoft has recently won a major battle in the Search Engine War.  That victory would be D-Day.  Now, Bing did not storm the beaches of Google, but they did present a more realistic image on June 6 of this year:

Bing brought us the beaches of Normandy.  Fitting for such an important day for the world.  What did Google present?

Google Tetris by rustybrick.

Tetris.  Now, I love videogames, and I feel that Tetris is the only “perfect” game ever made.  But really Google?  The 25th anniversary of Tetris is more important than the single largest war in global history?

This trend of Microsoft dominance continued on a more American front yesterday, taking control of Flag Day:


I know it’s a minor thing, and results are really the sign of superiority, but if both engines are purely out for more users, Bing is doing all the right things.  Crisp photos that play to the American psyche could be essential in converting light  searchers.

I’m still a Google user, but in the next few weeks I intend on testing my searches with both sites.  Perhaps a better blend of results and visual stimulation can be found on the internet.

2 comments on “Web Commentary: Bing vs. Google

  1. optimiseit says:

    I have been testing both of them on various searches and have to admit Bing is coming out very well, I think they will give Google a serious run for the money and giving the might of Microsoft at some stage over run it. We shall see, it will be exciting watching the development.


  2. Matt says:

    Further benefit for Bing is the Microsoft advertising machine. Plastering Hulu with information about Bing has also kept it in the forefront of my mind. It’s a great way of introducing more people: they go off to watch Conan and see Bing all around the video screen.

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