Link to the Web: Amazon logo.svg

I’m sure if you have the ability to access the internet and you’re reading this blog, Amazon is nothing new to you.  In fact, I’d bet that most internet users have witnessed and used Amazon countless times.

But this is a (generally) music blog, not a shopping network.  How is Amazon relevant to songs and albums?

The obvious answer lies in Amazon’s stunning music store.  Here, almost every musical wish can be granted.  Thousands and thousands of albums are at your fingertips.  Being a support of albums, I find this a very refreshing way of getting to new CDs.  I certainly enjoy the concept of record stores, but they don’t always have what you want.  Amazon gives you the goods (I like physical copies of things) without so much uncertainty.

However, a more interesting musical source lies in Amazon’s MP3 Downloads store.  Here you can find a comparable substitute to Apple’s iTunes store.  The main difference here is the song format: it’s all MP3.  That’s a big deal!  No DRM nonsense, no format problems for Windows users… all with a library that (essentially) offers the same selections.

Combine musical freedom with an assortment of deals (Amazon always offers seasonal, monthly, weekly, even daily deals – just look for them) and you’ve got a real winner.

Amazon is everybody’s record store that they don’t even think about.  Perhaps with a better examination, it can be your favorite record store, physical or otherwise.