Link to the Web: Viva La Mainstream

So Essential Listening isn’t just stuck to this lovely website anymore.  Every day, I read all sorts of music sites and blogs, looking for interesting music that I haven’t listened to.

Today, I’m featured on one of my new favorite blogs, Viva La Mainstream.  I’ve got a little write-up about Pixies, and what I deem to be their best album: Surfer Rosa.

What makes Viva La Mainstream such a great blog?  It’s the relentless pursuit of content.  Unlike many (including me), TJ (Viva’s author) is always updating.  Perhaps the best feature is the most obvious one: Album A Day.  Each day, TJ updates the site with yet another album.  There’s no theme, no overarching cause – just constant discussion of music.

This kind of devotion to site is really inspiring as a reader and a writer.  I’m glad to see that he’s updating daily (gives me more to look at), but it’s also like a challenge.  I consider: perhaps I should be updating more often.

Readers, I encourage you to stop by Viva La Mainstream and keep supporting TJ’s effort.  It’s partially because I ran into his work that I’ve been so much more willing to update over the past few weeks.