Music and the Waiting Game

Online Package Tracking

(Above Image From, a webcomic which you should be reading)

For those not in the know, I’ve been converted to a Grizzly Bear fan over the past year or so.  After finding out the opening act for the August 2008 Radiohead show in Camden, NJ, I decided to check out this (to me) unknown group.

I was quickly won over.  Yellow House was my point of entry, and big numbers like closer “Colorado” were instant hooks.  Meanwhile, the smaller songs and the moody noises started working their way into my brain.  Now I find myself thinking about Grizzly Bear constantly.

So I pre-ordered Grizzly Bear’s latest (Veckatimest) from Amazon (so I could also get some other music, which I’ll write about later).  Now, I love Amazon: it means access to countless amounts of music for relatively decent prices.  But the process involved works just like every online order.  There is the endless waiting.  Yes, I know that I should live for today, should probably go outside once or twice instead of hitting that refresh button again or something like that.


In the next few days, I hope to get a Veckatimest review up.  In the wait for the album, I will sit and endlessly hit refresh, waiting for a (hopefully) excellent delivery.  What I heard from the leaks, while low technical sound quality, was stunning.  I can only imagine what a proper version of “While You Wait for the Others” will be like.