Song Roundup 6: The Live Writer Edition

So, it’s fairly clear that I’m a slacker blogger.  After a wonderful plan to blog every day in May or something like that, I never did.  So here I am, inspired to write again by this Windows Live Writer software.  Previously, I’d blogged on Microsoft Word 2007.  I actually liked the interface, as it gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and I could still publish to the internet.  Now I’m giving this thing a shot and discussing the songs that are on my mind right now.

“Jingle of a Dog’s Collar” by Butthole Surfers

A seemingly nonsense song, the melody is really the catch here.  Jangly guitars seem almost like R.E.M. as the odd non sequitur chorus repeats the phrase, “The jingle of a dog’s collar would be good right here.”  Random phrasing about love only seems to further the insanity.  But this song becomes a real winner slightly after the two-minute mark.  A guitar breakdown brings out a smile and forces you to bob your head.

“Gronlandic Edit” by Of Montreal

The disco/rock/pop from Of Montreal is near-hypnotic.  “Gronlandic Edit” features a great bass line that drives an excellent groove.  Nothing particularly wild goes on in the song, but the piece is very relaxing while never allowing your attention to slip.  Nice vocal work from the band also keeps the song on my playlist.

“Haushinka” by Green Day

Green Day excels through hooks.  The band has a strong talent at getting a particular lyric, guitar riff, or even drum line stuck in your head for days.  “Haushinka” manages this feat through a soaring introductory melody.  Ringing guitars and bombarding drums combine to create one of the most unique songs in the Green Day catalogue.  Even the derivative lyrics manage to impress in this fearless basis of sound.  Nimrod is often overlooked in the Green Day canon for having that one song (you know… the one on adult contemporary radio).  That’s really unfortunate  – the whole thing is fairly adventurous and willing to explore the bounds of pop-punk.