Of Automobiles and Freezing Rain

After a very successful run of blog posts (the entire Best of 2008), things seem to have quieted again.  Luckily, all is not lost – I’m still writing away.

However, we’ll be in for a brief dip in activity.  Over the past few days, two out of three family automobiles have been put out of commission by various mechanical problems.  This has resulted in countless hours spent driving back and forth and making phone calls to get the cars into the shop and humans to and from various places (home, the car shops, picking people up from school).

A new obstacle has reared its head as well: freezing rain halts my journey back to school in the North Country.  So, I now sit without my car and unable to get to school anyway.  Thus, I’ve been a bit distracted from the joys of music.  But fear not!  I’ll be back within the next three days with more reviews and commentary.

Also: Thank you to everyone who has been reading Essential Listening in the past few weeks.  It’s very exciting to check the admin side of things and discover how many hits the site has had.  We now have over 1000 total hits!  Definately a cool feeling – and it’s thanks to readers like you.