Best Songs 2008: 1 – A-Punk

Ladies and gentlemen, the best song of 2008:

Simple and brilliant, “A-Punk” is the best track off Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut. It starts with the best jangly guitars in many years. The bright sounds jump out alongside a bouncy bass line and a tight drum part. The whole thing goes down very fast (only slightly over two minutes), but it’s jam-packed with excellence.

In reality, this is the song that saved pop for me. Coming into 2008, my favorite “pop” band was Weezer, and I had been witnessing their fall. Make Believe was a flat-out terrible album and I was without hope for the exuberant pop-music that I once loved. Really the only “happy” pop that I managed to see was in 2007 was “tweeny” pop in its sugary, disgusting glory. No artistic benefit was to be seen with terrible lyrics, obnoxious “music” and legions of screaming fans.

Vampire Weekend is like CPR for the ears. It’s so fresh, so tight, and so brilliant. This is how pop music should be. This is how the single should exist. This is far and away the greatest song of 2008. Enjoy.

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