Best Live Show 2008: Radiohead

I am very biased toward Radiohead. This is a fact that people will have to accept in reading this blog. After years of being a very lazy fan, I finally made the effort to go to a Radiohead show. I’ve already discussed the concert here, but the experience continues to reverberate within me. Thankfully, I’ve finally remembered to include some pictures as I go along in this post.

I had nothing but anticipation as the waiting changed from months and turned to weeks and days. The time was spent running through my Radiohead catalogue, checking setlists from other shows in the tour and analyzing the very nature of the band.

Clearly the hour before the band took stage was surreal. I realized that I would actually see Radiohead on a stage, breathing the same air as me. Grizzly Bear put forth a great effort in trying to entertain (and I do think they’re the next great band that will emerge as being truly spectacular in the next few years), but the true band was to come.

And boy did they show up. Each song resonated with brilliance unrivaled by even those laid down in original album form. The band seemed absolutely alive and in a sense of true joy. The lights were fantastic, the sound was flawless and the setlist was stunning. My only hope is that I can see the band again when they return to America. I now have these photos to help relive the experience. Please enjoy.





4 comments on “Best Live Show 2008: Radiohead

  1. metropolitantard says:

    I caught the show in LA, it was fucking stunning, I’m confident in saying that it was probably the best show of my life.


  2. jj says:

    saw them 1st at bonnaroo in 2006. that was unreal. i didn’t know what to expect. it was a last minute decision oddly enough. i had no idea who was playing. i literally walked in to about 80,000 ppl. in the area they were playing at. i had no clue how lucky i was. the set was fantastic, and so many songs were new. that was also the year before they changed their shows to the hanging low led lights. caught them at lollapalooza in august of 2008. packed and loud. the bonnaroo scene as more serene even for all those people. so many people talked through many parts of the show. still a great performance even if thom was complaining of the band being sluggish because of jet lag…amazing live. i hope they return to america very soon. i live near new orleans, and i wish voodoo fest could afford them. idk how much, but seems like alot i imagine. besides coachella, lollapalooza, bonnaroo all have had them. plus many other smaller festivals throughout. i think they have only come to new orleans like once in ten years. hope they come back. rage came, so maybe just maybe…if voodoo would stop getting too many mainstream acts that suck. guess the deep south is hard to lure them, can still dream. peace and love.

  3. jj says:

    and just to clear things up, im referring to the lollapalooza show when i mention the people talking through the show, and thom talking about the band having jet lag.

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