Best Songs 2008: 9 – Cath

I’ve made mention of this song several times. Some may begin to think that I’m a bit obsessed with Death Cab, but I think that such a conclusion would be a bit hastily reached. “Cath” has only managed to reach the 9th place in this countdown of the best songs this year. Clearly I think something is better.

But the fact remains that I’m talking about this song again. Perhaps that hints slightly at the longevity of the track. After a few dozen plays (yes, I do listen to music quite a bit), I really don’t see myself growing tired. The opening guitar strokes are such a welcome return to excellence, setting an excellent tone for the remainder of the song. The excellent singing only helps the oft-discussed lyrical content. If the track were attacked, the whole story would fall apart; anger would overwhelm the feeling of sympathy. Sang lightly, “Cath” would become an apathetic affair in stalking. Ben Gibbard strikes an excellent middle ground here, attacking the important words while keeping generally calm tone. He clearly sounds aggravated by the outcome of Cath’s life, but cannot help but feel sorry for her. It is that earnest singing that elevates this song to a different place. “Cath” is truly a great song and should be recognized as such.