Best Songs 2008: 10 – Jodi

The Dodos are a crazy band. In a general sense, this is a duo that has managed to create some of the most psychotic, rampaging rock in modern music, comparable only to Animal Collective (an overstated, yet accurate descriptor). Each song off their 2008 release Visiter shimmers with brilliance, but none more so than the brilliant “Jodi.” The song starts innocently enough with some light acoustic strumming, but the whole thing is drastically changed as rampaging drums burst in, totally dominating the tempo and atmosphere. Suddenly, the guitar takes a darker turn, becoming more perilous and distorted as time progresses.

Quickly, a frantic tale of a failing relationship develops. Delirious vocals call forth the idea that “We can do this on our own.” Clear calls for separation drive the song, with the singer noting that “you [the lover] could be my end.” As the story is further unraveled, the singer appears to have been heavily invested in this relationship (even mentioning “what happened there in May”). His reluctance to leave the status quo is furthered by the strange conflict offered as the song closes. The whole thing closes in insane screaming, offering a look into the strange psyche of The Dodos.

Clearly the emotionally charged lyrics and amazing delivery of vocals serve as the center points of this song. Thankfully the music itself works to add to the feeling of insanity. Crazed strumming is done wonderfully and adds to the wild feel. Then (the true glue of the song), the drums just drive. Every bit of the way features fantastically speedy, pounding rhythm. We should really thank the drums for the success of this song; it wouldn’t seem so crazy if just some shakers were used.