Politics: Election 2008

Yes, I am an internet slacker. The life of a Chemical Engineering major does not always involve much free time. So, I am making time to post this minor update. Tomorrow, there will be more about music again. I promise.

It is Election Day.

I’m sure that such a statement was more John Madden-esque than you needed today – everyone has been talking about Obama and McCain since January. But, now the real choice must be made and Americans will decide the nation’s fate. Being a resident of New York, I freely admit that my vote doesn’t much matter (the state will go Democrat every time), but I do have a strong opinion on one of the candidates. Barack Obama is a terrible choice for America.

Much of the current media conversation has focused on the apparent economic crisis in our nation. Unfortunately, that focus seems to neglect the proposals brought forth by both candidates. Obama has constantly discussed the importance of universal health care, increased corporate taxes, and a greater focus on funding that amounts to more welfare. How does he intend on funding these options?

Surely the increased corporate taxes will aid his goals, but they will ultimately backfire. As jobs continue to leave the US and head to foreign shores, new taxes on those providing employment (corporations) will only serve to push them further away from our country. How are middle class Americans to fare then? “Thanks Obama, I have low taxes now, but I don’t have a job!”

In foreign policy, too, Obama does not have a firm grasp on reality. He believes that simply talking to other leaders will accomplish great things. Quite simply, I’d find it hilarious to see Obama chat with Vladimir Putin or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. These aren’t people you simply sit down and chat with on a whim. Specifically, Ahmadinejad (the President of Iran, by the way) must be talked to after conditions are met. His absolutely insane views on Israel and insistence on the possession of nuclear arms serve to make him a highly dangerous person who should not be given any leverage.

Obama is a terrifying individual who has views that are highly contradictory to mine and thus I cannot imagine supporting him. In fact, I’d like to (in this late hour of the campaign) announce my un-endorsement of Senator Obama. I fear that he will win tonight, and that America will be driven to being like Europe – socialist and economically stagnant. Now is the point where Americans can make the difference, and now we can only pray that the right choice is made.

This blog supports the non-election of Barack Obama. His views and policies can only drive our nation into a true depression.