Mission Statement

A blog is a terrible thing. For someone with a random mind (like me), it’s easy to overlook the presence of something that you promised to follow. In the past, I’ve tried to do the whole blogging thing. Each time, it has failed. Rather miserably, at that. After a few days of consistent posting, I’d entirely forget the fact that I had accounts on Blogger or WordPress. Then days would turn into months. Eventually, I’d look in my bookmarks folder and see that I hadn’t done a thing with a blog I created. So, I’d delete it. I think I’ve had two blogs thus far and each has failed.

Maybe this time I’ll get something to work out. Now that I’m trying the whole Twitter and Facebook thing, I guess that now would be the right time to get back into blogging. However, I’m not going to keep this as a journal, nor will I promise any sort of consistency in posting. I think I’ll keep this as a music commentary place, first. Thus the name: “Essential Listening.” Here, I hope to comment on my view of music. I know that I’m no musical expert, nor do I claim to have better tastes than anyone else. However, I have opinions and I figure that this is a valid means of discussing that which fills my ears.

So, I suppose I should move forth and get another post on here about an album. It would be a very fitting way to begin a blog that claims to be about music. Here’s hoping that this journey isn’t too short and that maybe others will learn about music as I learn from those around me.



-Zekebud (MSS)